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Spanish El Gordo
This year alone the Spanish El Gordo Draw will pay out over US$4 BILLION to over 1,202,490 cash prize winners around the world.
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70% of Ticket Revenue Paid Out as Prize Winnings
70% of all monies invested in El Gordo are returned to players in cash prizes - compared to only 45% or 50% paid out by North American and European Lottos.

One out of Every 3 Tickets Wins a Prize!
Only 100,000 ticket numbers are printed for each draw - and over 37,000 prizes are paid out! This gives you 1-in-3 odds of winning a share of the huge cash payouts. These are the best odds for a big win you're likely to find anywhere.

All Prizes Paid Out in a Lump Sum,Free of Government Taxes El Gordo cash prizes are paid out in a single lump-sum --- not spread over 20 years like some North American Lotteries --- and completely free of Spanish Government taxes. When you win, your prize money is transferred directly to you - IN FULL and in the currency of our choice - to any bank in the world you specify.

Play El Gordo from Anywhere in the World!
You don't have to be a Spanish national to play and win in the El Gordo Draw. Through the services of Lotto Shop, you can enter Spain's Richest Lottery from wherever in the world you may be.

Lotto Shop has been entering players into overseas Government Lotteries, and collecting and sending them their winnings since 1988. Over 155,000 international players have taken advantage of this service, and many still continue to enter their favorite Lotteries with their special numbers.

Through Lotto Shop, you're kept up to date on all current Jackpots and Draw results so you can join in whenever you want. The company processes your entry, and then collects and sends you your cash winnings IN FULL.

Lotto Shop takes no commissions or fees of any sort from any Lottery winnings collected by its players. With Lotto Shop, what you win - is what you keep.
  Draw January March April May July September November December
  Total Cash Payout
US$1.2 Billion US$110 Million US$110 Million US$109.2 Million US$182 Million US$110 Million US$116.5 Million US$3 Billion
  First Prizes
US$177 Million US$12.5 Million US$12.5 Million US$19.3 Million US$26 Million US$12.5 Million US$14 Million US$876.04 Million
  Second Prize
US$88 Million US$3
US$12 Million US$3
US$2.8 Million US$292 Million
  Prize Winners
37,812 37,152 37,152 37,152 37,814 37,152 37,891 13,334
  Winning Odds
1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-3 1-in-6